Derichia Wells
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Navigating Loss with Resilience: A Journey to Peace and Happiness

From the moment I met Derichia Wells, whom I affectionately call my daughter, Derichia has exemplified unwavering resilience and a spirit that conquers any challenge. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and the ability to…
Dr. Shawn Boyd
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Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success: A Conversation with Dr. Shawn Boyd

In life, we all face challenges that test our resilience and determination. These obstacles can either break us or make us stronger. Today, we have the privilege of hearing the inspiring story of Dr. Shawn Boyd, a true exemplar of resilience…
John Register
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The Power of Resilience: A Story of Triumph and Friendship

When I met John Register at the National Speakers Association Influence conference several years ago, I had no idea he would become such an incredible example of resilience, a speaking professional, and a friend to me. His story of resilience,…
Dr. James Smith Jr.
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Unlocking the Power of Authenticity: Inspiring Interview with Dr. James Smith Jr.

Did you see my post where I spoke about how saying, “YES” can often lead you to amazing experiences? Well, saying yes can also lead you to awesome people, great opportunities, new friendships, incredible lessons, and new business! A…
Crystal Washington
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Unleashing the Future with Crystal Washington: A Tech Strategist and Keynote Speaker

When I joined the National Speakers Association, one of the first people to welcome me was the super intelligent, super cute, super friendly, and super amazing keynote speaker, Crystal Washington. She was well-known and highly respected in…
Joshua Cobb
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Joshua Cobb: S.O. What! Success Story

Can you imagine one moment walking around doing your job and the next moment you don’t even have your legs? The unthinkable happened to Joshua Cobb only two weeks after he was standing in my living room.  Just as unbelievable as the…
Tim Ware
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Tim Ware: S.O. What! Success Story

Find your cheerleader. That was the closing advice given by the former athlete turned education leader, Tim Ware, in our interview. When we met over a decade ago, Tim Ware had started a school and today he leads another one just for young…
Bud Richey
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Bud Richey: S.O. What! Success Story

Bowties. Crawfish. And leadership. They are all things I immediately think of when I think of Bud Richey. As a student leader over 20 years ago, I met Bud Richey when he came to the University of Memphis to direct the Emerging Leaders…
John Best
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John Best: S.O. What! Success Story

Have you ever met a giant? During my time working for the NBA, I did meet a few men who seemed like giants to me.  When I met John Best I definitely noticed his stature but I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t shocked to learn that John…