Impacting Lives- Inside and Out

Yesterday was another amazing day for the S.O. What! Foundation with the Healthy Lifestyles workshop.

“It opened my eyes to see a bigger picture about my future.”

I just finished reading the anonymous evaluations from the participants which confirmed what I thought- they not only had a good time, but they learned. A lot!
We had incredible presenters and vendors sharing information and practical tips on emotional and mental health, nutrition and exercise, and physical health and knowing your body. Everyone had awesome, interactive activities that the teens loved! Thank you SO much to Ariane with Health Connect America, Lexi with SisterReach, Ebony with the Nutrition Education Program, and Audrey with A Step Ahead Foundation. And thank you Darlene for sharing your testimony! I could not have asked for a better team to share this valuable information with our participants!

Thank you to our incredible board members Jesse who donated breakfast and Karimeh who secured our ATC Fitness sponsorship for lunch and my awesome friend, Erania, for picking it up! And thank you to our board members, Dave and Candi, who were able to show up to support the event!

The participants got lots of goodies including a tshirt, backpack, a niiiice water bottle from Christ Community Health Clinics, stretch bands to work out, pens, stress balls, University of Memphis pom poms, and great prizes!
Most importantly, they got information that will impact their choices and their lives. I was impressed with how engaged they were as they asked lots of questions.
We closed with my signature S.O. What! Statement exercise. My heart was full when one participated answered my question of, “How did that feel?” with…

I feel light, like a burden has been lifted. I feel free.

Another said-

I feel excited about getting started to make some changes!

And that’s what it’s all about!
According to their evaluations, there was NOTHING they would change and they look forward to coming back to future workshops!
And we’ll definitely have them! The question is, “Will you, your teen or a teen you love be there?”