Judge Robert "Butch" Childers
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Judge Robert “Butch” Childers S.O. What! Success Stories

If never judge a book by its cover was a person, it would be Judge Robert “Butch” Childers.

I met Butch when I joined the University of Memphis National Alumni Association Board of Directors five years ago. He became the board president the year before I assumed the role as president. And I was amazed by his leadership style and his personality.

Because he was a judge, I expected him to be mostly serious, but he was mostly fun yet effective as our leader. 

But it wasn’t until I became president, that I realized just how amazing he was. He had been a great leader, but for me, he was one of the best supporters I could have ever imagined having. 

In this episode of S.O. What! Success Stories, I was blown away by the devastation. And loss I learned he has experienced throughout his life. I was equally in awe of how he has used it to benefit others.

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