Ciara Arrington
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Ciara Arrington S.O. What! Success Story

As an undergraduate soror of mine, Ciara Arrington approached me when I was speaking on campus about my new book. After the program, she asked me about marketing jobs and if I had any advice. I told her to get experience, and I offered to let her work with me to start. 

As my first intern, she was full of ideas, super helpful, open to learning and feedback, and had a great attitude. As soon as she graduated I hired her as a part-time marketing coordinator where she watched and helped S.O. What! and the S.O. What! Foundation grow.

As my soror, little sister, former employee, and friend, she has kept me uplifted and supported through my journey as an entrepreneur. 

Ciara Arrington has lived and traveled all over the country and is now living in Mexico inspiring me every day on her new journey.

In this episode of S.O. What! Success Stories, be inspired by her story of living life without limits or boundaries.  

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The S.O. What! Success System

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