Summer Owens Cultivate a resilient mindset
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10-DAY 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY COUNTDOWN- DAY 9: Cultivate a Resilient Mindset

Can you imagine what it’s like to go all in (meaning quit your job) and start a business in an industry you just got introduced to. And have the nerve to start a nonprofit because someone you respected told you that you could get grants? 

Only to find out:

  1. Starting and sustaining a business (any kind) is not easy
  2. Building two businesses from scratch simultaneously is crazy hard
  3. Getting grants takes a lot of work
  4. I could list a lot more but won’t

So I’ll leave it at those three points and just say I failed a lot. I made a lot of mistakes (and still do). But I will continue to fail some, but I’ll continue to try a lot just like I’ve done for the last decade. New books, new workbooks, new workshops, new keynotes, whatever. I’m trying.

Lots of meetings. Lots of rejection or flat out getting ignored. 

But I count it a blessing that the very business I started was focused on resilience, and I needed it even more than I was teaching it.

Summer Owens Cultivate a resilient mindset

Resilience is not about avoiding failure or hardship; it’s about how we bounce back from them. It’s the ability to pick ourselves up, dust off our knees, and keep moving forward. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know it’s easier said than done.

But here’s the thing: resilience is a muscle, and it can be strengthened over time. It’s all about embracing the mindset of a warrior—a person who doesn’t let setbacks define them but uses them as stepping stones towards success.

And learning the power in saying – S.O. What!

Embracing the S.O. What! mindset gives you only two options when it comes to challenges in your life. You either accept them because you can’t change them, or you take action because you can. Instead, we waste a lot of time complaining rather than focusing on solutions.

Your challenge for today is to identify one recent setback or failure in your life. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, I want you to find three valuable lessons you can learn from it. Use those lessons as building blocks to develop a plan for moving forward.

Remember, resilience is not about pretending that everything is okay; it’s about acknowledging your pain, learning from it, and using it as fuel to propel you forward. You are stronger than you think, and with each challenge you overcome, your resilience grows.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, where we’ll explore the transformative power of self-belief. Get ready to unleash the confidence within you!