Summer Owens 10-day 10 year anniversary countdown
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10-Day 10-Year Anniversary Countdown- Day 10: Embrace Your Vision

Have you ever had a dream that you were too afraid to pursue?

It’s hard to believe that I am now on a 10 day countdown to 10 years since my last day at my corporate job. 10 years as a full-time speaker and entrepreneur!

Was I scared? 

Yes, I was. And I know several people thought I was crazy to leave my amazing job as a marketing specialist advisor at a company that was continuously on the list of America’s best place to work. For me, it really was a great place to work.

But in 2010 I published my memoir and what came from that showed me the purpose behind my experiences including my pain. In 2011, I had a dream. It was a new vision for a speaking business that would be a movement to help people embrace the challenges in their lives and achieve their dreams no matter what. 

And it was called – S.O. What!.

Summer Owens 10-day 10 year anniversary countdown

I didn’t know the how at all, but I knew it had to be. I also knew that I could and would do the work to figure out. 10 years later, I have figured out a lot and have had more ideas, failures, and accomplishments than I ever imagined I would have.   

For the next nine days, I’ll share stories from my journey that I hope will inspire you. Not necessarily to quit your job or start or business. But simply to have the confidence to go after dreams- whatever they are!  

This first post is about discovering and embracing your vision. Big or small, we all have or have had dreams. I want to encourage you to identify your dreams and embrace them wholeheartedly, no matter how challenging it may be and even if you have no idea how.

Embrace Your Vision

Sometimes we see best with our eyes closed.

I mean seeing our dreams. Take a moment now to close your eyes and see yourself living your dreams. Whether that’s starting a business, going back to school, buying a house, taking a trip, or just wearing something you didn’t think ever could.

What’s your vision for your life?

Over the next several days, I want to help you unlock the power within you. Why? Because I’ve been there—lost, unsure of my path, desperate to find my purpose, and scared to pursue it even once I knew it.

Once I embraced my vision with S.O. What!, I didn’t listen to the people who told me I was crazy (or the people who didn’t like the name of my business which people now love). I devoted all of my energy into figuring out how to make my new dream a reality.

I remember sitting down with a pen and paper, allowing my mind to wander freely. I let my dreams take center stage, no matter how big or small they seemed. And that’s when it hit me—my dreams held the key to my happiness and fulfillment. And the life I wanted and have lived for the past ten years. It all started with embracing my vision.

So, your challenge for today is simple but powerful: I want you to identify your most cherished dream. Let your imagination run wild, and visualize yourself living that dream. Write it down, own it, and share it with a trusted friend or family member. By speaking your dreams into existence, you’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose and accountability.

Remember, your dreams are unique to you. Embrace them, nurture them, and believe that they are within your reach. The journey may not always be easy– trust me, mine has not been easy– but by building your resilience and confidence, you can make your dreams a reality.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as we delve into the importance of cultivating a resilient mindset. We’re just getting started!