Summer Owens birthday celebration in Galveston, Texas
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The Confidence to Go For Your Dreams

Do you ever think back on situations in your life and laugh at yourself about what you were scared to do then? For me it was my late 20's and I refused to wear a swimsuit (and definitely not a bikini).  One of my sisters lived in the Miami…
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7 Tips for Surviving 7 Years as an Entrepreneur

This morning when I woke up I followed my new normal routine. I drank a 32-ounce bottle of water with my favorite energy powder added, put on workout clothes, and headed out the door for a 3-mile walk/run. That's what gives me the energy…
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3 Necessary Steps to Take to Level Up

Level Up: To make a move in your life or career for the better. Today I had the honor of serving as a panelist at an awesome conference held by my friend and visionary, Cynthia Daniels. The Level Up conference had everything a professional…
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Me in Joplin was No Accident and No Coincidence

As with every invitation I receive to speak, I am honored and excited. I love sharing my story because I have been so blessed to see audiences light up when I share it. And it feels amazing to see people line up to talk to me afterwards. My…
Summer School Class - Get Bold: Summer Owens At Work

Summer School- Class 6: Get Bold

For the last three weeks, I have held Summer School, a short series with tips to help us make the most of our summer "break". Wrapping up the series with Class 6, I want you to... Get Bold: Build Your Confidence and Make It Happen. It's…
Summer School Class - Get Bold: Summer Owens At Work
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My Crazy Journey to Entrepreneurship

I call myself the Accidental Entrepreneur.