When I was asked to issue an official statement on the racial injustices many African Americans are currently facing and have for too long, I was ready. I didn’t know what I would say and could barely verbalize how hurt and even afraid I felt, but I had to say something.

In the past few weeks, I have spoken to my fellow board members for the University of Memphis, my fellow leaders in Black NSA (National Speakers Association), my friends, and many people of different races who are tired of the atrocities like the one the world just witnessed with the murder of George Floyd.

One thing we all have in common is that we recognize that we cannot be silent. We also realize the responsibility we ALL have, and I am grateful to see how many people recognize the power of their voices however they are expressed.

Regardless of your race, age, background, career, title or even what you consider your level of influence, what you say and do in this moment speaks volumes- especially if you say or do nothing.

So how will you use your voice?

Because silence is just not an option for any of us who truly want liberty and justice for all.