Summer Owens on fox 13

I’ve been working on a new keynote, and I’m so excited about the impact I believe it will have on helping others to be more resilient. And even happier with life.

It comes down to two choices-

Accept it (SO What!) or Change it (So NOW What?).

I came across this article, and I had to share it because I felt like I could have written it myself.

Too often in life we settle or succumb to helplessness when, in most situations, we have the power to change situations we don’t like or that don’t bring us the joy we want and deserve. In one of the very first media interviews I was invited to do almost ten years ago, I shared with Fox 13 that one of the words I used in my first book a lot was MOVE.

Summer Owens on Fox 13

Summer Owens on Fox 13 speaking on her memoir about her life as a teen mother.


This article echos those sentiments, and ten years later, I couldn’t agree more.

If You’re Unhappy With Your Life, It’s Your Responsibility To Change It


What do you think? What are some areas of your life where you know it is time to make a Change?

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