Rounding out my six days of awesome events was the US Olympics Women’s Boxing Trials.
If you read my blog for the Sunday of the series, you saw my photo with Olympic Gold Medalist, Claressa Shields. She’s 20 years old now which means she won the gold in London when was only 16!
Claressa Shields boxing
Well, I made it to the trials which had been going on all week, on Wednesday. When I walked in, Claressa spotted me and shyly waved. I thought that was sweet that she remembered me from Sunday. I sat and watched each match, and the crowd anxiously awaited Claressa’s fight. I’ve never been into boxing, but I respect the sport and learned a lot from a fellow spectator as we watched each match guessing who the judges would announce won.
boxing road to rio
After the last fight, Claressa’s, she found me and before I barely had time to congratulate her for winning, she hugged me and said,

“Hey. You inspire me. I want you to meet my sister.”

She led me over to her family and reminded them that I was one of the women who had spoken on Sunday at the Elite Eleven ceremony. They all remembered me, and Claressa really made me feel special when she said,

“Do you want me to tell your story or can I?”

She then smiled and started telling her family about me being a teen mom but getting my degrees…
Very little of that was stated at the awards program so I knew she had looked at my website. The best part was how she said she wanted to go to college like me.
Before I left, she asked me if I would come to see her fight that Saturday at the finals.
I did watch her in the finals. I even gave her a copy of my book, and now I’ll be cheering for her in Rio (well, I won’t be in Rio although I wish I was)!