On the 10th day in Ghana, we returned to Mokola Market for Justin to try on the suits he was having custom made. Justin, who is half Ghanaian, has done a beautiful job of incorporating his culture into his speaking business. When he does corporate speaking engagements he wears beautiful suits with African prints incorporated into them.



My brand, S.O. What!, is very personal to me, my life, my story. And I admire how Justin uses his Ghanaian heritage in his keynotes. After a long college speaking career, he is transitioning to do mostly corporate speaking with the keynotes Work to a Different Beat and Lead to a Different Beat. He professionally incorporates the djembe drum as well as his custom suits which have African printed fabric into his presentations which bring awareness to his heritage while conveying his corporate message. It’s quite brilliant actually.














That day, we also visited the University of Ghana for meetings and exciting future collaboration opportunities. One day, I would love to speak to there and share my message of resilience and leadership to students there.


Although our visit to Independence square was brief, it was powerful.  Former Gold Coast, Ghana gained its independence from Britain on 6 March 1957. Led by Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. In the Ghana flag, the red represents the blood of people who died in the country’s fight for independence, the gold represents the wealth of the country, the green represent the country’s rich forests, and the black star symbolizes emancipation. According to Ghanaweb.com, the black star is a symbol charged with the spirit of an overcomer, freedom, justice and future hope for all black generation. So Ghana is a country of Resilience!






It was another day of powerful history lessons, but I was only scratching the surface.

We experienced some deep days and some fun nights. That night it was dinner at the Polo club restaurant where they actually played polo right outside the restaurant. Sorry, I forgot pictures again.

My Journey to the Motherland- Accra, Ghana Day 11 (final day in Ghana)