Summer shares the tips she used to deal with disappointment.

lies when they moved to Memphis. Remembering that time now, I can’t believe how sad I was. But the beauty of a better opportunity at the Grizzlies wiped away the disappointment. The job at the Grizzlies was the dream job for a college grad, and many people wanted it. This part of the story brings me to my next lesson on how to deal with disappointment, remember disappointment may be a set up with a greater blessing. Had I been working at the rental company, I would never have gotten the position with the Grizzlies.

I will admit I was not a good sales person which was the job I got at the Grizzlies. I had an undergraduate degree in marketing and was interested in working in Marketing. The sales job may not have been my ideal, but it was a way in through the door to become known. That is the next way I discovered to deal with disappointment. By positioning myself as a hard worker who delivered results in multiple areas like marketing, fundraising + PR. If you’ll recall I was a student leader in college. I equipped myself with all the knowledge and skills I needed to prepare to achieve my future career goals. And that was where my plan to prepare for future opportunities began. You can prepare yourself in this same way.

What are you doing to position yourself for future opportunities? Make yourself better and ready. At this time, the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver Canada and weren’t even discussing coming to Memphis. Yet  when they did, I was ready when the opportunity presented itself. That is how you deal with disappointment to ensure it’s only positive impact on you and your life.

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