Besides God and my internal drive, this beautiful lady is the reason for my S.O. What! success story. My survival and success a teenage mother.
In 1995, I gave birth at the age of 15 and I lived with my grandmother, Agnes (Dorothy) Idella Owens. Not that my mother was not there or helpful, but she had four younger children of her own. For two years I worked hard in school and on my two jobs so that I could provide for my son and earn a college scholarship. My grandmother, in her seventies, was my babysitter while I went to school, stayed after school for meetings, and went to work.
In 1997 when I moved to Memphis for college, she let my son stay with her for my first year. I went home to Jackson nearly every weekend and brought him back to Memphis sneaking him in my dorm room as often as I could. But she made it possible for me to be a normal college student and get a great start. I made the most of that opportunity determined to make her and my son proud.
A year and a half later I moved my son to Memphis, and I am forever grateful to my grandmother for allowing me the opportunity to lay the foundation for a career and a life where I could take care of myself and my son and even do for her.
On March 10th, this amazing woman turned 95 years young. We celebrated her life with flowers, family, and fun while she is still here to enjoy them all!
The oldest living member of our family, she has hundreds of nieces and nephews many who flew in from everywhere to be with her. Her twin daughters and their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were there, and my beautiful grandmother couldn’t have been happier.
(Grandma’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren We were ALL dressed nicely in purple, black and white, but the kids changed to play before the photos.)
One of the highlights of the night was the Dorothy through the Decades Fashion show organized by one her great nieces and modeled by her granddaughter (me), her great great granddaughter (my granddaughter) as well as great great nieces.

Grandma is 95 with a mind and memory better than anyone I know. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s beautiful, she’s kind, and she’s caring. And she’s everything I strive to be. If I’m blessed to see 95, I want to be exactly like her.
I thank God for her, and I’m thankful she can enjoy my granddaughter and pose in our five generation photo. We are more than blessed to have her and look forward to celebrating her 100th birthday!