Summer shares her tips for teenage parents.

One of my tips for teenage parents is to understand that once you become a parent, there is no going back. I had my child when I was 15-years old. The entire ordeal was painful and scary, partly because I had to have a C-section. The other reason was I wasn’t physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially ready for it. There’s a level of emotional maturity you need to become a mother. That’s why I say having babies is for grownups who are ready in all spheres for the responsibilities which come with being the primary caregiver to a baby.

If you are reading this and have not had a baby, my second tip is to wait until you are an adult, in a relationship or married to have one. Be sure you are ready physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially. Pregnancy and later parenting require a lot from you in all the ways I’ve talked about. So, don’t rush things.

I am already a teen parent, what next?

  1. If you’re already a teen parent, my advice is to take the necessary step not to get there again. And you know what those steps are. But just in case you don’t, talk to a trusted adult or send me a message.
  2. Prepare for your child by taking care of yourself, going to the doctor’s appointments, staying in school, studying and planning for your future after the baby. Because things will be different. This brings me to my other tips for teenage parents…
  3. When you become a teen parent, you are no longer a child. Your child becomes your priority. If you are blessed to have your parents’ support during this time, the child also becomes their priority.
  4. Grow up and parent meaning no more games and time to do many of the childish things you did before. You are now someone’s parent – that child is counting on you to make the right decisions for them because they cannot do so for themselves yet.
  5. Focus on your life, the future and what’s best for your child. I’ll say it again, having babies is for grownups. If you become a young parent, it is time to grow up.


Your new situation might feel overwhelming. But I am here for you. Using my experience and lessons about teenage pregnancy and parenthood, I can help you be successful by providing resources to survive and thrive in your new life. And if you’re not already a parent, remember being a young parent is hard and challenging. Take your time to prepare physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially before having babies.

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