Summer shares how to answer tough questions in the moment.

As a parent, you need to get ready to answer tough questions. Children keep life interesting because you never know what they’ll ask or when they will ask it. You can never truly tell what is going through their minds or what they are feeling. For that reason, be ready for the unexpected. My son Jaylan caught me off guard when he asked me a question I wasn’t prepared to answer

The experience taught me a few ways I could get ready to answer tough questions:

  1. Do research so you can keep learning

As you learn more about different subjects, you keep growing. Another way to research is by talking to people who have different experiences from yours. You can also research and learn by talking to people who are ahead of you in the journey. They’ve been where you are today and can share pointers to help you in your current situation.

  1. Get an education

There’s something about getting an education that prepares you to answer tough questions. An education broadens your thinking and increases your capacity to listen well and respond honestly to tough questions.

  1. Have an open mind

An open mind and deliberate exposure to new experiences gets you ready to answer tough questions which come your way. Often, an open mind helps you think on your feet as you have many different reference resources in mind.

  1. Start preparing today to answer tough questions

Tough situations and questions will come. Whether it is in the form of tough interview questions, a question from your spouse, your kids or at work, start your preparation for tough questions and situations.

What situations can you anticipate from your employer, kids, spouse?

Next, think about how you would respond if they asked those questions. Forewarned is forearmed. If you need help, please reach out. And I can assure you no matter which tough questions you are asked to answer – you’ve got this!