Summer shares two tips for new parents in this lesson learned.
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Two Tips for New Parents

My first tip for new parents starts from the moment they are born. The first tip is to cherish each moment with your child. Your child will grow up right before your eyes. It might sound cliché, yet that is the reality you will encounter as soon as they are born. Right before your eyes, your child will move from the chubby cute baby to a fast-moving toddler.

If you are a teenage parent, you will also realize that you grow up as your child grows up. These are precious moments which mark your won coming of age. Appreciate and recognize your own growth. Regardless of the circumstances of your pregnancy and child’s birth, celebrate the progress you make.

Even if you’re not a parent, the same rule applies. Life goes by fast. One moment you are in high school looking forward to going to college. The next you’re graduating from college and stepping into the work of work. Embrace the growth and development you experience at every stage of your life. Purpose to learn more, grow in all ways and be your best self.

The second tip for new parents is to invest in your child. It will be the best investment of your time, money and energy in your whole life. Invest in their education, in their growth, development and wellbeing. Regardless of my schedule for the day or the night, I made sure I did homework with Jaylan and read with him. I definitely didn’t do everything right, but I always did my best. And that is all you need to give – your best.

If you’re not yet a parent, you can decide now what kind of parent you will be. It is easy to invest materially for your future children. Yet there is power in spending time reading to them and getting to know them so you can raise them accordingly.



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