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Who Sees You?

Growing up, I had so many insecurities. I didn’t have enough hair for ponytails so people called me a boy. I had big teeth and sucked my thumb so people called me a rabbit. I was skinny so people called me stick. I went through puberty and gained weight so people called me fat. I […]

Distinguished Young Alumna…I'm on the field again

Distinguished Young Alumna…I’m on the field again Almost 12 years ago to the day, I was named Miss University of Memphis. I stood on the field of the Liberty Bowl and was shocked when they called my name as the winner. Me, yes, teen mom…Summer Owens. And on November 9, 2013 I stood on that […]

Numb and Fine are the Same, Right?

Last night I finally got to watch my recorded episode of Scandal. I had been traveling for the past two weeks and missed the one and only show I watch faithfully. My son and I took a road trip to Kentucky where we spent Thanksgiving with family, and I got to see someone that I’m […]

Slow Down, Baby. You're Moving Too Fast.

Last night, I put in about two. Today, it seems like I worked it all day only taking breaks to eat and to have a couple of meetings.  What is it? Online driving school. After my last day at FedEx, I spent the next six weeks traveling with only one day in Memphis. On that […]

Standing in the Gap

Here’s a post from 11/20/11 Just getting home from picking my son up from work and have him watching a show on black men in prison-yes, at midnight. It’s sad how the world and so much foolishness seem to have greater influence than parents.  However, this parent won’t surrender. I’m a single mom like so many […]

On the move

Check out this post from 11/16/11 Since releasing my book, I have been busy…to put it lightly. That’s only because God is blessing me tremendously and keeping me going. He’s keeping me in people’s lives, and I pray that it is making a difference. Between my full time jobs as mom and FedEx employee, I’m […]

I’m transferring my blog over to WordPress and moving over my old posts… check this out from 12/22/10   I made some mistakes three years ago and inadvertently hurt someone I love dearly.  The next few years were filled with them covering their hurt by ignoring me and a series of dangerous activities every one […]

closing time

I’m transferring my blog over to WordPress and moving over my old posts… check this out from 6/3/10 I’m hopefully about to close on my new house next week (fingers crossed). It’s a bittersweet time, but definitely time to move on.  I had a house before and never thought I would have one alone again, […]