Summer shares her lessons in exploring relationships as a single parent.

At some point I was exploring relationships because I wanted my son to have a father figure in his life. I had been a teenage mother from the time I was 15-years old. I’d also been raising my son alone as a single mother for years. I wanted to have a boyfriend and had dated in the past. Though I was careful to protect my son. Exploring relationships as a single parent came with its share of pains and joys. And as much as I tried to protect him, my son did get involved when things didn’t work or during break-ups. There was an extra level of disappointment coming from him.

There’s a purpose in every relationship.

By exploring relationships, I learned something life-changing. I learned there’s a purpose in every relationship. I also learned to look for that purpose in every relationship. Some relationships were to give me a sense of family and belonging when I would otherwise have been alone away from close family. Other times the relationship was to help me with my son like babysitting him when I had to be at work or in school. Another eye opener for me was relationships wouldn’t always last but they would serve a specific purpose.

When you think back to your relationships which didn’t last, what are some of the positive lessons which prepared you to make the next one better? Then in the process of exploring relationships, how are you protecting your children emotionally, mentally and physically from potential abuse or harm? As a single parent, you need to be even more careful to protect them whether it’s a friendship or romantic relationship. 

No more children until marriage.

The other consideration for single parents who are exploring relationships, especially teenage mothers, is the decision not to have more children until marriage. As a single teenage mother of one, I struggled to care for my son physically, emotionally and financially. I can only imagine how much harder it is for single teenage parents with multiple children. I want to help by sharing this message – think about birth control so you don’t get pregnant again unexpectedly. Give yourself time to get prepared physically, mentally, psychologically and financially.

Even with multiple children, you can still make things happen for yourself. If you have the will, you can still go after your dreams and achieve them. If you are unsure about exploring relationships, seek mature Godly advice. Remember, your decisions can help you through challenges making them either easy or hard. So, be mindful of your choices.

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